Sofia Hultin – “I’m Every Lesbian” Audio Tour

Jam cdo lezbikeDear lesbians of Tirana,

“I’m Every Lesbian” is a city walk, an audioguide and a map that tells a part of your history in Tirana. It’s based on the stories that some of you so generously have shared with me during my time here in the city. As any story about a city they are as subjective, fantastic, sad and hopeful as they are true. Also they are stories of great importance. Documented lesbian history in Tirana, that is older than five years is next to non-existing and since no-one is writing our history for us – we have to write our own. Thank you for contributing. This work is dedicated to you.

– Sofia Hultin, 4.9.2013, Tiranë


Albanian right-wing PM fully supports LGBT. Berisha, first PM officially to meet representatives

Democratic Party, welcomed today two LGBT activists, Xheni Karaj and Kristi Pinderi. He is the first Albanian PM to do so, after being the first Albanian politician to have declared himself in favor of same sex marriage, almost 4 years ago, after the elections of 2009.

Berisha, who is now seeking a third mandate as Prime Minister, expressed his full support for the LGBT movement in Albania and appreciated the activists for having given a voice to their cause. “I have carefully followed all your actions and I think that you have, so far, responded in a very good way whenever that has been necessary,” he said, adding that “it is important to believe in the cause you represent. […] To tell you the truth, [in the beginning] I have felt sorry when the debate about LGBT issues was going on and no one from the community was able to go publicly and defend the cause. So, I really appreciate that you both have appeared on television and have brought the LGBT issues to public attention,” said Berisha. 

New Democratic Spirit Party position regarding LGBT in Albania

Xheni Karaj asks FRD regarding LGBT. Mr. Oketa answers (VIDEO)

VIDEO below

I have a short and concrete question. During the years, we have noticed that there is fear from the side of the political parties to talk concerning the rights of the LGBT community. What I was interested to know from you Mr. Oketa is: Are LGBT issues going to be discussed by your party with fear and according to some hierarchy compared to the rights of other communities, or will you consider the LGBT community as a group of interest which will be included in your political program?

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