Mr.Gay Albania 2019

During the last weekend in Tirana, the Mr.Gay Albania spectacle took place.

Serving not only as a beauty pageant contest for gay men but also as a platform to address issues of homophobia still faced in the Albanian society, 10 contestants participated in this event, while many others joined to support their favorites.

The spectacle was filled by numerous performances by the participants and the special guests of the evening, former Miss Trans’s contestants, which added more color and emotion to the event.

The event aims to promote gay individuals in society and increase visibility for this community in Albania, giving them the opportunity to celebrate their identity and individuality in society.


This edition of Mr.Gay comes as a successor to Miss Trans Albania, a part of a series of events aimed at empowering members of the LGBT community. Through such activities, community members and partner organizations strive to facilitate and promote the social acceptance process for the LGBT+ community and thus help to reduce discrimination.